November 3rd, 2015

Resident Spotlight – Dr. Allison Yang, PGY3

By Joshua Vogt, M.D.

Resident SpotlightAlli Yang Photo

                                                                            with Dr. Allison Yang, PGY-3



Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I am from Chicago and went to college at Columbia University in New York City, where I majored in English and journalism. After college, I returned home to attend medical school at the University of Illinois – Chicago. I’m still a bit of a news junkie at heart and in my free time, I like to play with my dog, Captain (he has more Instagram followers than I do!), read, catch up on television shows, and spend time with my friends.”


Why did you choose to pursue IM residency training at Mayo Clinic?

“I was drawn to the incomparable commitment to resident education, clinical training, and research experience available at the Mayo Clinic. The alternating inpatient/outpatient schedule allows for an incredible amount of learning while also fostering a culture of academic research and work-life balance. I knew immediately upon walking into the Gonda building during my interview tour that this was an institution that embodied the highest echelon of clinical decision making and my experience here as a resident has truly confirmed those first impressions. The clinical faculty is superb, the cases are truly cognitive exercises, and the Mayo “culture” is unsurpassed.  The protected research time available to residents here at Mayo is unparalleled and the trip policy truly reinforces that commitment to residents’ academic achievement.  Dr. Oxentenko was also a huge part of my decision to train at the Mayo Clinic – we clicked instantly during my interview and she has been an incredible mentor ever since!”


You took advantage of an elective with ABC News, could you tell us about that experience?

“The ABC News elective in New York City was one of the most incredible and awesome experiences I have ever had! I never would have imagined that as a medical resident, I could be front and center on the studio floor at Good Morning America or World News Tonight – two shows that I had grown up watching – writing scripts, providing medical information, and meeting so many interesting people! The experience was a hands-on rotation in medical journalism and television news – I worked directly with their chief medical correspondent, Dr. Richard Besser, to create all of the medical content for ABC News during that month. I had the opportunity to work on an interview with President Obama, shape the ABC coverage of guidelines from several medical societies, and even had the chance to pitch and write scripts for Good Morning America. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to live out a dream to work for network news while also completing my medical training!”


Has anything surprised you about the residency program?

“To be quite honest – I was surprised that residency was actually easier than I had expected it to be – and I think that is a testament to how well protected and how incredibly well-thought out the internal medicine residency design is here at the Mayo Clinic. The faculty are simply amazing; they go above and beyond to not only make sure that residents have every learning opportunity available, but also that we are happy and fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. I can feel myself learning new things every day that I go to work. I was also extremely pleasantly surprised to find out how many research opportunities and trip opportunities (and funding!) were available to the residents. In my three years here, I have completed several research projects and presented at conferences all over the world – never once did I have to worry about not having material to present, not having days off to attend, or not having funding to go. I am positive that there is not another program out there that compares to the Mayo Clinic in terms of research support for residents.”


What are your plans after residency?

“I plan to pursue a fellowship in Gastroenterology after completing residency.”


Thank you to Dr. Allison Yang for taking the time to share about her experience at Mayo Clinic!

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