January 11th, 2016

Resident Spotlight – Carina Preskill

By Joshua Vogt, M.D.
Carina Preskill


Resident Spotlight

                                                                            with Dr. Carina Preskill, PGY-3

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I'm from Arcadia, California (outside Los Angeles) originally.  I went out to the east coast for medical school at Yale before heading to the Midwest for residency.  In addition to Internal Medicine, I love animals, dancing, watching Food Network, eating, and trying to cook.”

Why did you choose to pursue IM residency training at Mayo Clinic?

Mayo was one of the few programs where I immediately felt at home.  Not only is it such a strong program academically, but it has such a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and the residents legitimately seemed happy.  I also like snow.” 

In your opinion what are the program’s strengths?

One of the unique aspects of the program is the broad exposure to outpatient sub-specialty medicine clinics, which is more in line with realistic post-residency practice.  We have the opportunity to rotate through every sub-specialty as an outpatient with the 4+4 schedule. This significantly increases our depth of experience as internists, but also is very helpful when deciding on a career path.  Mayo also stands out due to the sheer magnitude of clinical research opportunities and by providing residents the support and time to take advantage of them.”

What has been the biggest challenge in residency thus far?

The biggest hurdle for me has been learning to trust myself and make medical decisions on my own without second guessing them.  Although some of the most challenging, my favorite rotations in residency so far have been our GI and Pulmonary inpatient rotations as PGY2s, where we do overnight shifts on our own and have full autonomy.  Those are the rotations where I've grown the most as a physician. That being said, I've also learned that you are never completely alone in the hospital if you do need some help.”   

What are your plans after residency?

       I'm planning to be a chief resident next year, and then apply for Endocrinology fellowship.”


Thank you to Dr. Carina Preskill for taking the time to share about herself and her experience at Mayo Clinic!

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