May 2nd, 2016

By Joshua Vogt, M.D.


Resident Spotlight

with Dr. Neil Majithia, PGY-2


Why did you choose to pursue IM residency training at Mayo Clinic?

Balance. While my career vision as a fourth-year medical student was far from crystal-clear, I knew that I wanted my chosen program to provide good clinical training and sufficient opportunities for career development. Mayo Clinic seemed to strike this balance perfectly. Residents graduate from the program as excellent clinicians (many of whom are now staff in general medicine and various subspecialty departments) and accomplished scholars. I found this to be reflected in the quality of post-graduate placement available to residents at the end of three years.

What are your research interests?

My research interests are within the realm of hematology/oncology and specifically include prognostic markers in multiple myeloma and matters of supportive care, especially chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. I have been fortunate to work with excellent mentors who have shaped my understanding of these topics, and have helped me develop as an investigator. My work has been productive on multiple levels, and I attribute this largely to strong mentorship.

What makes practicing medicine at Mayo Clinic unique?

There are a lot of things unique about Mayo Clinic, but two elements stand out to me in particular. First, the culture is one of mutual respect, and this reflects in the relationships we have with supervising staff and fellow trainees. We have authoritative figures in medicine practicing here, and regardless of their accomplishments, they are approachable and supportive. Second, the Mayo brand confers respect and high expectations. Many patients will not completely understand the difference between an intern, resident, fellow, or staff—but they will recognize you as a Mayo physician, and will trust you to deliver excellent care. I have found that these expectations have forced me to rise to the challenge, and my training has benefited from it.

What are your plans after residency?

I will be pursuing a fellowship in hematology/oncology. Ultimately, I hope to build an academic career that blends clinical work, research, and education. I feel that my time spent as a Mayo resident has been the perfect launching point.


Thank you, Dr. Majithia, for taking the time to share about your experience at Mayo Clinic!

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