September 2nd, 2016

Resident Spotlight – Dr. Ginny Dines

By Justin Fiala, M.D.

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with Dr. Ginny Dines, PGY-2


Tell us a little bit about yourself
I grew up here in Minnesota, about 20 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. I moved to Washington DC for college and medical school at Georgetown University.  Leaving the Midwest was a big change for me, but I loved my eight years in Washington, DC. I learned so much from living in a different city and experiencing a different part of the country. Most importantly, it is where I met my husband! Outside of Medicine, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking, eating, biking, and enjoying the beautiful Minnesota summers.


You’re from Minnesota originally, but spent almost a decade on the East Coast. What was the transition from big city to Rochester like?
I loved the East Coast and living in Washington DC, and while I was sad to leave, Rochester has been a fantastic place to live. Living here in Rochester provides so many fun things to do, plus the ease of small town living. I have been really surprised by how much is going on in Rochester.  I love the many bike paths, golf courses, and outdoor activities nearby. Thursdays on First is always a fun time to meet up with friends and enjoy food and live music.


Why did you choose to pursue Internal Medicine residency training here at Mayo?
I chose Mayo Clinic for residency for a few reasons. I was drawn to the program because of Mayo’s reputation for teamwork and collaboration. I did a rotation as a visiting medical student, which really solidified my decision. I was so impressed with the program’s commitment to education and to quality patient care. I knew I would graduate the program prepared to be an excellent internist.


In your opinion, what are the program’s strengths?
One of the program’s biggest strengths, is that residents really can make it their own. Residents come to Mayo with such diverse strengths and interests, and the program really allows residents the elective and research time to focus on their interests. At the same time, it also provides exposure to so many subspecialties. As someone who came to residency undecided, it has been so important to have so much exposure to such a variety of fields.
The program also has an incredibly strong primary care experience. From day one of residency you are responsible for a panel of patients. The program gives you a great deal of responsibility and autonomy caring for your patients. You learn quickly how to provide high quality primary care to your community patients.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in residency thus far?
Residency can be incredibly stressful. Learning to balance the long workdays and continuing to study and learn has been a major challenge. The emotional aspects of treating sick patients and dealing with the sadness of losing a patient has also been a major challenge. Luckily, I have made great friends in the program and their support has made getting through intern year so much easier.


What is your favorite thing to do in Rochester?
My favorite thing is to head down to Thursdays on First every Thursday evening in the summer. Every restaurant has a stand, so there are lots of delicious food, drinks, and live music!


What are your plans after residency?
I am still undecided about my plans post- residency. I will most likely pursue a career in general internal medicine or in gastroenterology. I am interested in medical education, and would like to stay in academics and remain active with medical student education or a residency program.


You and your husband are both in the Internal Medicine Residency. What has this experience of training together been like for the two of you?
My husband, Mark, and I knew we wanted a program where we could pursue our individual career interests and where we could have the work life balance to spend time together. Being at Mayo has definitely provided that. The 4 weeks inpatient and 4 weeks outpatient block schedule allows us to have time off together outside of work, and the program has allowed us the flexibility to take our vacations together. Mayo is a very family friendly work environment, and we have loved it!


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