April 24th, 2017

Internal Medicine Residency Program Directors Honored at All Three Mayo Campuses

By Justin Fiala, M.D.

The results are in, and the Internal Medicine residency program directors at all three Mayo campuses (Rochester, Arizona, and Florida) were honored with the annual Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (MCSGME) Program Director Recognition Awards!

MCSGME oversees a total of 196 training programs in Rochester, 46 in Arizona, and 45 in Florida, each with its own program director. The annual recognition awards honor the best of the best within this diverse group of faculty, and acknowledge the essential role that these individuals play in the success of Mayo's trainees and the quality of Mayo's clinical and learning environments.  One program director was selected from each Graduate Education Committee, making the sweep by Internal Medicine across all three Mayo campuses all the more impressive!

Congratulations to Dr. Oxentenko, Dr. Blair, and Dr. Lewis! 

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