July 11th, 2017

Intern Retreat

By Lucinda Gruber

We had a day-long intern retreat to help the interns get to know each other. It included a morning of "intern trivia", an epic rock-paper-scissors show down, and team building activities. One of these included building structures out of raw spaghetti and marshmallows. We discovered there are many architectural and structural experts in our new class...and some people are maybe better doctors than they are engineers. 🙂



Here's a completed structure!

We finished the retreat with an afternoon of pizza, bowling, and laser tag.


The chiefs were having a good time bowling, including a few "granny bowls" by one Hannah Nordhues. I bowled my first turkey. My middle school gym teacher would be so proud. If you can't be good at soccer, basketball, softball, badminton, or swimming - might as well be good at bowling. Oh, and if you look at the scores, don't worry. We are keeping our day jobs.

I don't want to say that things got very intense in the laser tag arena, but yeah. It was pretty intense. Everyone had their game face. And one APD (who shall remain nameless) has pretty good instincts when it comes to laser tag. He claims to be a novice, but I'm not sure we believe him!






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