July 24th, 2017

Town Hall Meeting

By Lucinda Gruber

Today we had a town hall meeting instead of our usual M&M or "Interesting Case" conference. It's a chance for the chiefs and Dr. Oxentenko (our fearless program director) to update the residents about policy changes, new ideas, etc. It's also an excuse for us to order Panera sandwiches. We covered a lot of topics including changes to our nephrology selective, which will now include both an inpatient and outpatient experience. We also discussed our trip policy, which many of our residents take advantage of as they can travel to conferences to share their research. Dr. Oxentenko chimed in with her usual words of wisdom and good advice about some of these changes.












I'll spare you the other assorted details. Many of which are quite mundane, but necessary to navigating residency. They were made lighter by Dan's collection of memes. My favorite was the "Kidney problems? Urine trouble." And with that, I think you can appreciate the high quality of humor coming out of the chief's office. 🙂

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