August 14th, 2017

Resident Spotlight – Dr. Mohamad Adada

By Lucinda Gruber

It is my pleasure to announce that one of our new residents, Mohamad Adada, is a co-author for a paper recently published in Oncogene. Mohamad (Moe) is a native of Lebanon, and a 2017 MD/PhD graduate from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He is a resident in our clinical-investigator program with a long-term plan to work in translational research and Phase one trials. He states, "My previous publications focused on identifying novel targets in the treatment of metastatic disease as it is the number one killer in cancer patients. Particularly, I am trying to identify molecular targets that are upstream of the cell ability to adhere, migrate, and invade." This most recent publication addresses a new isoform, p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase called p38 delta. This study demonstrates p38 MAPK delta "has a crucial role in altering the metastatic properties of breast cancer by increasing cellular detachment."

Congratulations, Moe!



P38 delta MAPK promotes breast cancer progression and lung metastasis by enhancing cell proliferation and cell detachment

Wada M, Canals D, Adada M, Coant N, Salama MF, Helke KL, Arthur JS, Shroyer KR, Kitatani K, Obeid LM, Hannun YA

Oncogene, Advanced online publication, 2017 Aug 07



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