August 25, 2017

Candy Rounds!

By Lucinda Gruber

Sometimes our work as chiefs can be a little heavy on the computer/meetings/emails/schedules and a little light on human interaction. Well, we interact with our 3 other co-chiefs but we don't get to see much of the residents on some days. Our workroom bonding typically involves laughing at quotes from Office Space, complimenting Dan's tie selection (n=3 for the year) or rocking out to 1990s rap music.

Needless to say, we need some resident face time to keep our sanity because I can only handle so much Tupac on a Monday morning. We love it when the residents stop by for a quick word or a cup of coffee (Yes, we have a Keurig and a 4 month supply of chocolate, so come see us!). But, when they are busy in the afternoon with discharges and family meetings, we like to go to them. We call it "Candy Rounds" but it basically equates to eating bite-sized candy together while we all chat about life. Always the best part of my week.

Here's the MICU team on their final day, well fed with chocolate and sarcasm. I think Omar made Grace laugh here. 🙂 We also stopped by the CCU to see how the PGY2s were doing. They were hard at work, but managed to find a couple minutes for a candy pick-me-up.



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