October 23, 2017

Fall Fest – A festival of all things Fall

By Lucinda Gruber

Well, as promised I can give you a full blown account of the Fall Fest activities. We met at Northwood Orchard located just northwest of Rochester. There was apple picking, corn mazing, pumpkin carving, intense s'more making followed by hay rides, a petting zoo, and some intense napping. 🙂 We had an exceptional turnout with residents from all years. We also had a good showing of spouses and kiddos. But let's be honest...I think the adults may have had an even better time than the kids based on these photos!

For the residents who were working on Saturday (or who were, perhaps, a little adverse to nature) there was a subsequent happy hour at Tap House. When I was looking over these photos, I noticed a lot of plaid, a crazy amount of pumpkins, and a giant chair. I think this makes it a successful party even without the cider donuts, fire pit, and autumn leaves thrown in. Thank you to everyone for coming out to celebrate Fall!

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