October 31, 2017

So many weddings!

By Lucinda Gruber

I don't know if it's something in the air or what but we have had a lot of weddings in our residency in the last few months. We wanted to do a little shout out to the happy couples, so here goes.

Jithma Abeykoon is one of our most thoughtful and hard working PGY 3 residents. He is currently a clinical investigator resident for hematology/oncology. He is winner of the peer-nominated ACE award (attitude, commitment, and excellence) for the past two years because of his willingness to help out a co-worker and go the extra mile for his patients. He also happens to be from my medical school (University of Kansas), so I love to brag about him any chance I get. Jithma was married in June near his home town in Sri Lanka. He met his wife, Samanthika, in 2011 in Sri Lanka, and they made a long distance relationship work despite the 8648 mile divide. Samanthika is also a physician and plans to obtain credentialing in the United States now that they are married.

Tucker Coston is one of our new residents from Loma Linda University Medical Center. We still joke in the chief's office about a call we received soon after intern orientation was completed. It was Tucker asking if he could have a day off to get married in Chattanooga, TN...in about 3 weeks. He shared with us that he had been dating his girlfriend, Emma, for 5 years, and they both knew they wanted to get married. He said it wasn't a question of "whether or not we WOULD get married…it was just a matter of WHEN we would get married." So, they decided to do it right away. They invited around 35 people to Chattanooga and got married, just a month after Tucker proposed! Emma works as a freelance graphic designer in Rochester, and Tucker reports that they've had 2 months of happy marriage already!

Jie Qu, one of our PGY3s, has one of the best and most contagious laughs! She had an EVEN SHORTER engagement than Tucker. Jie met her husband, Phil, in college when they worked in the same organic chemistry lab. They enjoyed video gaming, traveling all over the US to eat Korean BBQ, and riding some of the nation's most intense roller coasters. After 8 years of dating, they got engaged...and then decided to get married a week later. Jie says it is "perhaps the most spontaneous thing we've ever done." It was a simple ceremony, but all the important people were there! Phil is currently a medical student, and while he and Jie are currently living with a few miles between them, they "remain each other's confidant and best friend."


Our two newest newly weds are Whitney Blackwell and Catrin Coffey. Here are a couple cool pics from Catrin's wedding. Stay tuned for some pics from Whitney's!




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