December 7, 2017


By Lucinda Gruber

I'm not sure if the loud music and excitement could be heard around town, but there was a buzz and energy about Rochester yesterday. It's as though everyone could tell it was Fellowship Match Day! Or, maybe that's just how it felt for I waited anxiously...meeting at least 2 SIRS criteria...hoping NRMP didn't have a malfunction at 11 am CST because I couldn't wait a minute longer to see where I was going.

MAYO! Yea! I will be staying on at Mayo Clinic for my endocrinology fellowship. Below is a picture of me with one of my future co-fellows! Wow, that feels really nice to finally say out loud! One of my co-chiefs, Dagny, is staying here for pulmonary-critical care and Dan will be moving to St. Louis - his hometown! - for pulmonary-critical care at Washington University. And...Hannah, as you know, is staying on staff with General Internal Medicine. 🙂

Overall, the program had a really nice Match Day. Many people matched into great programs elsewhere, and quite a few decided to stay at Mayo!


Congratulations on a great match everyone!


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