December 13, 2017

Igloos hit Rochester…

By Lucinda Gruber

Minnesota is known for its friendly people, Vikings football, numerous lakes (I hear there are 10,000!), and well...the winters. This is probably the main topic I get asked about by my family, friends, and residency applicants. "I hear there are icicles everywhere." "Do you just ski into work?" "Is there a way to wrap your body entirely in goose down?"

So, today, I'm going to give everyone a straight answer, once and for all. Yes, Minnesota has winters. It gets cold and we get snow here. But, what many people don't realize is that Rochester is completely equipped for this transition. We have subways and skywalks that are kept at a balmy 68 degrees. I can park my car in a covered parking garage, walk to the entrance and never have to go outside again while at work. I can get from outpatient morning report to our continuity clinic to our downtown office without encountering the cool temps. It's great! You can enjoy the beautiful snow and not have to put on a coat. 🙂

As I was reflecting on this, I was reminded of one of the things that surprised me most when I move here. Minnesotans don't just survive Winter...they thrive in Winter. People are ice fishing and snowshoeing and planning social engagements outdoors. In Rochester, we have a "Social Ice" in February which is a three night event where local bars and breweries take their wares outside and people walk around ice sculptures and listen to live music while sipping warm beverages which are "extra fortified" for the weather. Easily one of my favorite events in Rochester each year! As a residency, we do several activities out in the elements (stay tuned for pics and details) as well.

BUT, one of the most surprising things this winter...the random igloos that appeared at LaVetta. One of the chiefs' favorite happy hour hang outs is now hosting some weather-proof igloos in the outdoor dining area, thus proving that Minnesotans will stop at nothing to get some extra time outside! We stopped by last night after work to celebrate Match Day and spent a pleasant hour inside the igloo sipping an apple cider and chowing on some pizza. The igloos have a great chandelier with some accompanying LED lights that change patterns and color with the great playlist out on the patio. Three of them are heated and toasty, while there are two available for the braver and resilient people who don't mind keeping their coats on. To my surprise, we had a great time! It was really fun, and nice to have an alternative to just sitting inside. Plus, this igloo thing appears to be catching on and reservations for these spots are hard to come by!

Here are some of the PGY3s enjoying the ambiance!

Stay tuned for more winter tidbits! We will have some winter events and activities in the coming months!

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