January 4, 2018

Happy New Year from the Chiefs!

By Lucinda Gruber

Happy New Year to our avid readers! Or, maybe some not so avid readers. Reluctant readers? Related readers (meaning my mom and her immediate family members)? Or...perhaps just a random person who happened upon this blog and glanced at the first sentence before frantically clicking on a youtube clip or recipe rather than read the remainder of my mad rantings for the week.

2017 was a big year for me and a big year for our residency. As I look back, there are a few things that really come to the front of my mind to help mark this momentous transition from an odd-numbered year (which Dagny never really trusts) to the even-numbered, aesthetically pleasing annum of 2018.

Lucinda's Top Memories of 2017:

#10 This year...I became a board certified internist. Wow. So many years of hard work and education finally capped off with a tiny piece of paper the mail person dropped onto my front stoop which was subsequently overlooked and dampened by the elements. (Don't worry - it's dry now and in a place of great honor.) Congrats again to my classmates for our 100% pass rate.

#9 Improvements to Tuesday/Thursday hot lunch. Chicken strips and mac and cheese...enough said.

#8 Dr. Amy Williams was named the Chair of the Department of Medicine. We are very lucky to have her at the helm with her leadership, perspective, and appreciation for medical education.

#7 Mayo was named the #1 Hospital in America. A very humbling designation that we are honored to receive. We work very hard to serve our patients well and deliver good, equitable, and high-value care. Plus, it’s a pretty awesome place to work. Good people. Beautiful architecture. Decent coffee. Although, you can get a better cup at my place. It’s basically served in solid form with a skiff of coffee grounds on the top.

#6 The chiefs instituted candy rounds. We visit residents and hand out candy. Doesn’t get much better than that.

#5 We welcomed 78 new interns to Mayo Clinic and Rochester. We learned their names, their hometowns, their career interests. We met their spouses, significant others, children, and pets. We integrated them into our residency program and now, we call them our family. 🙂

#4 We got fit. Our fearless chiefs In Spring 2017 challenged us with planking and Burpees and other exercises of torture. We continued their madness with 30 days of fitness, wellness, and soreness in November. FITNESS CHALLENGE 2018 EVENT TO COME...stay tuned!

#3 Our residents traveled to multiple states and countries to share their research. They had manuscripts accepted and abstracts presented. Great work!

#2 Starting Monday fancy lunch. I️ call it fancy lunch because it’s “not yo’ average box lunch” lunch. We are talking Chinese, Mexican, and BBQ cuisines. Sandwiches with hand sliced cheeses and a kiss of honey mustard. Little works of art the residents can consume while learning about IM topics at noon conference. Sorry, I️ digress. I’m really excited about lunch, so it makes the top 10...twice.

#1 I️ took the best job with the three best co-workers I’ve ever had. I️ get to help residents, teach EBM, oversee medicine teams and mentor young doctors, sit through crazy intricate meetings about policies, curriculum development, milestones, through-put, patient experience, etc., and still have time to blog, chat, network, and care for patients. I️ laugh about 200 times a day, often while Dan is making fun of my blue light, Hannah is dancing in her bedazzled ear muffs, or someone is moving things slightly off-center to make Dagny crazy. We rock out to bad 90’s music or Taylor Swift or sometimes Disney classics. We drink coffee. Ruminate and brain storm. I’m pretty lucky to get to work with these amazing individuals and even luckier to call them my friends. Thanks to my co-chiefs for making the last 6 months of 2017 so very memorable.

I am excited to see what 2018 has in store for our residency. Already we are working toward transitioning to a new electronic medical record system and building a new clinic model for our outpatient continuity clinic practice. Combine this with some tweaks to the lunches and I would say we are unstoppable! Happy New Year to you all!

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