January 8, 2018

Chief-lettes are announced. (2019-2020 Chief Residents)

By Lucinda Gruber

We have a multitude of terms for this year of our training. Chief year. Chiefdom. Chiefing. We can refer to ourselves as CMRs or hefes if we are feeling particularly saucy. (To be clear, I have never called myself Hefe.) In our group text, we refer to ourselves as the "Big Chiefs" as though the adjective will confer aptitude, knowledge, and magic powers of chiefliness. It doesn't. I had to learn those skills on the job. I'm still waiting for the magic powers to kick in. I continue to call the last group of CMRs the "Real Chiefs" because there are times even now when I need to ask them for help. So much of this job is about building an arsenal of resources (important people and their skillsets that can teach you or help you get things done!) and then figuring out who/when/where to approach someone to work on a problem and start something new. Sometimes I still need to phone-a-friend. (Thank you, Carina/Cyril/Korosh/Justin!)

In about 3 months, we will become the falling chiefs...and we will start to groom our replacements, "The Risings". The Risings. Eek. It sounds a little bit like a bad horror film with canned organ music and an overused fog machine. Having gone through the chief transition last year, I can assure you - it is a little like a bad horror movie. 🙂 It was actually the highlight of my senior year. We met with Carina, Cyril, Justin, and Korosh to go over practical things (like how to reserve a room and who to email about medicine orientation) but so much of what we discussed was how much you learn during a chief year and how you bond with your co-chiefs. These meetings were full of excitement and energy.

We are now looking forward with excitement to our replacements and even farther to their replacements. And thus, without further ado, we are pleased to announce our rising, rising chiefs...or as I like to call them... our little chief-lettes.

The 2019-2020 Chief Residents:

Congratulations to Brandon, Sami, Courtney, and Jason!

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