January 12, 2018

Welcome to Our Rotators!

By Lucinda Gruber

Every 6 months, we are lucky enough to have two residents visit from NUI Galway School of medicine and rotate with our residents. We are very pleased to welcome Niamh and Alan for the Winter/Spring months! They will be helping us out a lot over the coming weeks and months, and as such, I want to be sure we welcome them into our residency family.

Niamh is from Sligo, Ireland but was actually born in California and spent her first 9 years in the US. Her family moved to Ireland where she grew up and later studied medicine at Galway School of Medicine. She plans to make a career in radiation oncology. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and doing hot yoga (which she is hoping to continue in the winter months!). She says, "I'm really enjoying my time in the Mayo Clinic so far. Everyone has been very friendly and approachable which is great!"

Alan is originally from Galway which he describes as a "beautiful tourist seaside city on the west coast of Ireland. Famous for it’s culture, festivals and known within Ireland as the Graveyard of Ambition." He enjoys all things cardiology and likes research and evidence based medicine. In his free time, he likes podcasts (ReplyAll, Planet Money, Radiolab, 99 Percent Invisible) and staying active with soccer, hurling, and more recently competitive cycling and long distance running. Alan shared with me that he is "slowly getting to grips with how the buildings and tunnels connect [at Mayo]." He also says he is "most surprised by how open and friendly everyone here is."

Please welcome Niamh and Alan if you see them in the hallway or in a workroom! We are so excited to have them here!

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